Ginger Beer an’ Ting

Caribbean adult beverages get a fair share of attention, and rightly so. Rum is uniquely, historically, Caribbean and a variety of quality beers are brewed across the region. However, the little cousins of these grown up spirits often get short shrift, despite the fact that they are likely enjoyed more frequently with our favourite meals.

What goes better with a Conch Snack? A Kalik beer or a Bahamas Goombay Punch? What’s best to wash down a plate of Ox tails and white rice? A cold Red Stripe or a icy-cold Ginger Beer? Exactly!

So, to honour Caribbean Soft Drinks, we’ll start compiling a list (perhaps with photos and stories) of the non-alcoholic beverages that are central to the Caribbean experience. Let us know what your favourite local soft drinks are where you live or visit? Share with us in comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #DrinkTheCaribbean and/or tag us (@EATTheCaribbean).

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