It’s Not Just Hurricane Season: Caribbean Fruits, Veggies & Spices are in Full Bloom

Summer fruits are in abundance right now in the Caribbean. Whether you are a local or visitor  don’t miss out on one of the best aspects of island living – eating native fruits, vegetables and spices.

On most islands, fruits and veggies are easily accessible – from roadside vendors to government run produce exchanges – so take the opportunity to visit the nearest fruit stand and truly experience the tastes of the island.  This time of the year – which perhaps not coincidently is also hurricane season – you’ll find an abundance of mangoes, plums, soursop, sapotes, bananas and peppers in season right now. Try something new and you may discover your new favourite fruit!


Even I was surprised at some of the offerings at the local market including salt from Inagua in The Bahamas and Haitian ginger. I’ve fallen in love with bottled tomatoes and no longer cook with the canned!

So whenever you have an opportunity, head on down to the local stand and indulge in the  fruits, veggies and spices of paradise. You won’t regret it!

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