Montagu Beach – A New Hangout with a Long History

Nassau has no shortage of sandy-white beaches and most are well used by tourists and locals alike. One spot that seldom gets the media attention in “Best Beaches in Nassau” lists, but is a local favourite is Montagu Beach, nested along the eastern end of Bay Street on the North coast of New Providence.

The entire area was redeveloped just two years ago in a joint project by the Government of The Bahamas and Kerzner International, the previous owner of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. That effort resulted in the creation of several calm and pristine beach coves, that are family friendly and inviting.

Overlooking the beach is Fort Montagu itself. Constructed between 1741 and 1742, it is one of Nassau’s best kept forts and serves as a frequent tourist tour stop. Built by slaves, the fort was meant to defend the eastern entrance to the Nassau harbour which at the time was considered the most vulnerable point in the defence of New Providence.

The Montagu foreshore also includes a large green space, including a children’s playground, making it a perfect place for a family day out. Be forewarned: Montagu is a local favourite and on holidays and most weekends it’ll be crowded with cookouts, food vendors and every day beach-goers and revel-makers. On those days, some of the rules (see image below) may be loosely enforced.

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