The Nassau Straw Market – Unexpected Finds for Tourists and Locals Alike

When living on any island that attracts millions of  visitors every year, locals tend to shy away from the tourist hubs. But I’ve discovered that we’re missing out on some great finds.

While looking for a birthday gift for my son’s friend, I decided to visit the Nassau Straw Market on Bay Street and was pleasantly surprised to find items not just appealing to tourists, but ones that I would buy for myself. Sure, there a thousands (and thousands!) of gimmicky t-shirts and shot glasses, but there are also many inexpensive and well-crafted costume jewelry, handbags, paintings by local artists and wood carvings that would be great for the home.

One word of advice learn the art of negotiation and never accept the first offer from a vendor, as this is the way business is done.  Also, let them know that you are a  local.  They’ll usually set aside the fluffy pleasantries and get down to negotiations faster with you. I was able to not only get the gift for half price, but my son also found a necklace he liked and I still spent less that I had originally budgeted for the whole lot.


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