Friday Food Find: The Venerable – and Always Satisfying – Hot Patty

Hot Patties (or is it “Pattys”?) are a Caribbean staple, right alongside rotis, conch salad and jerk chicken. This tasty, traditionally meat-filled pastry traces its roots to Jamaica and can be found across the Caribbean and pretty much anywhere in the world where West Indians assemble.

According to its very own WikiPedia page:

The beef patty is a product of colonialism and migration, developed after the introduction of the Cornish pasty in the Caribbean, mixed with cumin and curry seasonings of Indian indentured servants in Jamaica and cayenne pepper from African slaves. Jamaicans brought recipes for the patties northward in the 1960s and 1970s when many came to the United States as hospital orderlies, home health aides and nurses. Patties were then found in restaurants in areas of the New York Metropolitan Area with high West Indian populations. Patties are equally popular in UK cities with large West Indian populations such as Birmingham and London.

Here’s a clip of some great looking patties being enjoyed at the recent Carnival in Houston:

Although the beef patty – spicy and highly seasoned – is a crowd favorite, some locales also include other fillings like chicken, conch and vegetables. We’re traditionalists around here! 🙂

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