Carnival Houston

Carnival Houston 1 Eat the Caribbean had the amazing opportunity to experience a display of unique and diverse cultures at the Carnival Houston celebration in the heart of Houston, Texas. For many Caribbean countries, Carnival displays the roots and rich culture of tradition and celebratory nature of the islands, along with Brazil, New Orleans Mardi Gras, and more.   Carnival Houston
Carnival Houston gives the chance for the many diverse cultures and faces that reside in the Houston area to not only unite but share their exciting traditions. Discovery Green, where the celebration was held, was filled with vibrant, eye catching costumes, with a mix of reggae and samba music in the background. Beef patties and jerk chicken hailing from Jamaica filled the air with irresistible smells. You just couldn’t leave without grabbing a bite. Carnival Houston 4
Later in the afternoon crowds gathered for the much anticipated carnival parade. Seeing all of the costumes together in one space preparing to march and dance down the street was reminiscent of the Junkanoo parade, a tradition from my own home in the Bahamas. Carnival Houston 3

Whether you’re from Houston, another state, or hail from a country represented at Carnival Houston, this event is sure to satisfy! We can’t wait until next year.

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