Conch & Beer Commission

Yesterday we took a quick trip to the Potter’s Cay Dock, under the Paradise Island Bridge in Nassau, Bahamas. It was busy as usual (a growing competitor to the more popular Arawak Cay, perhaps?) but something different caught our attention: the near total monopoly that Kalik Beer has on signage sponsorship! Of the 26 stalls we photographed, 25 had Kalik signs and 1 a Sands Beer sign. Take a look!

The combination of Kalik and Conch Salad is part of Bahamian lore, so this is no surprise. But we did wonder how long the “Man in the Boat on The Label” is going to accept this monopoly situation! Bahamians only like monopolies when they relate to telephone service….and cable television service…and electricity supply..and… Hmmm, time to call for a Parliamentary Commission to investigate!

We volunteer to serve on the ‘Conch & Beer Commission’!


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